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The Jim Herbal Company

All Jim Herbal Health Products are made in Nigeria by Jim Herbal Ltd, located in Sango-Ota, a suburb of Lagos. Our company was founded in 2001 by a former banker with the heart of an entrepreneur named Jimoh Adeyinka, who had a vision that has remained consistent throughout our 20-year history: to inspire healthy living around the world.

The company was originally started. In 2002 with health products, we continued our commitment to health and well-being with the development of other line of products in cosmetics which included products range in Skincare, Hair Growth & care, Dental Hygiene.

Once a small, direct-sales company, today The Jim Herbal Company has evolved into a highly profitable, multimillion Naira. But one thing hasn’t changed all these years, and that is our commitment to selling products that make life better in real and tangible ways.

Our Core Beliefs continue to set the tone for our success.

We stand on the following principles:

    Since our founding, we have focused on being good stewards of the long-term well-being of our customers, our representatives, our employees, and our partners.

    It’s in our DNA to say what we do and do what we say in all our relationships.
    We strive to deliver premium and sustainable products and services for our customers and our employees.
    Healthy living takes more than a healthy body; it takes a community of like-minded friends with a common purpose. We call this the Jim Herbal Health Family, and you are welcome to JOIN.
    We try to make everything as simple as possible — from maintaining good nutrition to running a strong business.
    We openly share our Core Beliefs and welcome feedback on our mission, products, services and our company